Taking care of your skin and ensuring it’s healthy and vibrant is an important responsibility! Whether you need help starting your skincare routine or are just looking to give it a little extra “oomph,” Unique Skin Studio in Draper, Utah can help! Our customized beauty and rejuvenation treatments in the Salt Lake City area are designed to help clients learn more about the health of their skin and to meet their own individualized goals. In addition to providing master skincare & body treatment plans, we’re also excited to discuss a few fun facts about skin to help encourage education on health and wellness! Browse a few fun facts about your skin now and see how our Unique Skin Studio estheticians can help you!

Melanin Determines  Your Skin’s Color

Did you know that melanin is what helps determine your body’s skin color? Melanin is a complex polymer present in your skin — which is known scientifically as the epidermis — as well as your hair, the irises of your eyes, and other areas of the body. These deposits, which can vary in amounts, are what determine the pigment or coloration of your skin. However, no matter what concerns you have with the health of your own complexion, Unique Skin Studio’s specialists can help!

Your Skin Renews Itself Almost Monthly

Our next fun fact about skin is that your body’s skin cells are constantly dying and being replaced with new cells, resulting in a sort of “shedding” of old skin (similar to how the hair on your head can shed). This is all part of the ongoing skin cycle, which is how the body prevents the accumulation of dead skin cells, sagging, line lines, and wrinkles. For individuals who are about 19 or 21 years of age, this skin cycle can take two to three weeks and middle-aged adults can complete this cycle in about 28 days.

Tattoos Remain Permanent Due to The Immune System

For our Unique Skin Studio clients who have tattoos, you may be wondering: if my skin is constantly creating new cells, why does my tattoo not go away? The explanation for this lies in a few other fun facts about your skin. When a tattoo needle embeds ink into the skin, the body’s immune system cells — called macrophages — rush to the area to help the resulting inflammation. However, due to the amount of ink used during the tattoo process, these cells and their replacement cells are not able to prevent the desired image or text from appearing on the outside of your skin.

Changes In Your Skin Can Reflect Health Issues

Did you know your skin can be a great indicator of issues with other areas of your body? When it comes to fun facts about skin, this one can provide excellent long-term benefits for you as an individual. Changes to your skin — whether it be itching, swelling, redness, or acne — can be the first warning sign of several different conditions or allergies, including: hormonal changes, heart disease, obesity, eczema, and more. In addition to keeping up with regular skincare treatments from Unique Skin Studio, it’s best to address any sudden or unusual changes with your healthcare provider.

Make sure taking care of yourself is at the top of your list! If any of these facts about your skin is making you rethink your skincare and body treatment plan, we’re here to help. Receive expert esthetician advice from Unique Skin Studio in Draper and Salt Lake City today!


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