Your skincare routine is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your look and your health.

Learn more below about a few simple ways that you can sustain and even improve your complexion. If you are seeking skincare services in Draper, Utah, Unique Skin Studio is the place that you should go. Book an appointment with us today!

Reduce the Number of Products That You Use

While it may seem like you are covering all of your bases when you use a variety of products in your routine, using too many can be hard on your skin. The different chemicals that come in all sorts of products could end up doing damage. Cutting back on the amount of product that you use on a daily basis is a good idea.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration might not be something that you often consider when it comes to your skincare routine, but it is crucial. A hydrated body is a healthy body — this is true for your internal and external organs. A skincare studio can only do so much, so do your face a favor and drink water consistently!

Protect Yourself From the Sun

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Plason acne treatment, which is a non-invasive and quick way to achieve healthier, clearer skin. Plason uses advanced plasma technology to target acne-causing bacteria, reduce hyperpigmentation, and encourage skin regeneration. Clinically proven to provide results within one to two weeks, it’s an incredible way to treat acne. Subscribe to us to be the first to find out when Plason is available.

Clean Your Brushes!

Dirty makeup brushes can cause a lot of trouble for your skin. They can lead to infections and clogged pores that can do significant damage to your complexion. Regularly cleaning your makeup set will help the sustained health of your skin.


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